If your business is starting to grow and build its own Infrastructure Technology, the common impulse would be to hire more IT experts and acquire equipment to manage the network activities of the whole company. You will need an entire team to supervise, monitor, and maintain the network. Well, that’s where Network Operations Center comes in.

Why Outsource Your Network Operations Center Philippines

NOC (pronounced as “knock”) is a centralized place where IT technicians, engineers, and administrators manage a company’s network activities. They are responsible for troubleshooting and solving IT- related problems, preventing issues from coming back, securing the health of the network, routers and switches, servers, applications, websites, firewalls, etc. Think of Big Brother who can see everything in one room, and can solve and predict problems.

Recruiting a whole team, buying equipment and machinery (not to mention its subscription, licenses, and maintenance) would be costly for a company that is still on the rising process. Apparently, you can outsource a third-party service provider to handle this all for you.

Here are the reasons why consider doing so:

1. Problems are becoming more complex.

As the company grows and uses various techniques in business in this digital age, problems are inevitable. Sometimes, it would become worse like a virus that gets immuned to antivirus as time passes by and could be a disaster if left unsolved. You can not just sacrifice losing important company or customers’ data and information because of this. So, you would need experts to handle various kinds of situations to mitigate possible damages.

2. Your Security Operations Center/ IT Support/ Help-Desk can not handle problems anymore

There is a common misconception that SOC and NOC are the same. But their biggest difference is that SOC deals with end-users while NOC deals with IT people. This is because NOC engages with advanced problems that may seem foreign to end-users.

When SOC can no longer solve those issues, it is the time that they should collaborate and cooperate with the NOC team.

3. Budget Constraints

As mentioned above, forming a new NOC team could be costly for the company. Equipment from hardware to software to a new office or space for them would not be practical given that the company is carefully allocating its budget for other strategic purposes. Practically speaking, outsourcing this service would be beneficial for the company. The third-party NOC already has its own equipment, office, and software needed. They just need your inquiry and trust to do the job for you.

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