Appointment setting refers to a process where a person talks to a potential customer and sets a calendar date between the client and the service provider to meet and discuss business opportunities or services.

Usually, the business entities that need these are:

  • Real estate agents – they need someone to set up their calendar of activities to show properties to potential buyers.
  • Marketing Firms – there is a need for a marketing firm to find new clients who need marketing guidance and services.
  • Financial Establishments – these are usually those who sell insurance services in many aspects of the industry.

Call center services

These three do not summarize everything that there is to appointment setting. There are many more industries that need the support of an appointment setter.

But why should you outsource it to telecalling centers?

Use Talent Where They Belong

Imagine if you have a real estate business, your real estate agents should not be making phone calls and asking potential home-buyers for an appointment.

Instead, these agents must only talk to potential clients in person when they are showing the property. That is their skill, and using them to make outbound calls to find their own leads is a waste of talent.

With an appointment setting service, the agents from your outsourced partner will take care of explaining what the appointment is about, and what date and time the meeting will take place. All of these are done in a streamlined fashion in relation to:

  • The availability of the real estate agent and the customer
  • The location of the real estate agent and the customer

Leverage Expertise

If you outsource your appointment setting needs, you can expect your vendor partner not to put generalists on the phones to perform your expected services. Generalists do not usually perform well in this area because setting appointments are akin to selling.

Instead, the outsourcing vendor is going to train and put experts in relation to your industry.

If you are a financial company, only those that have a strong financial background will participate in setting appointments for you. This way, the expectations laid out to your potential clients are clear and error-free.

Targeted Lead Generation

It is a waste of time calling people randomly and asking them if they are interested in what you are offering. In outbound telecalling, it has long been a known fact that you should only call those who have an interest in your product or service.

And today, with big data analytics at the forefront of every business, companies now know what an individual is likely to buy. With this technology, coupled with the selling expertise of the appointment setters from the outsourced partner, the calls are more targeted and are more likely to yield a fruitful result.


Outsource your needs for appointment services. Use the skills of the experts in the outbound telecalling industry, and leverage on the technology to make this business activity seamless.

If you do, you can spend more time converting the clients into paying customers. Focus on developing your products and services, or creating more value for your consumers.

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