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The world has experienced numerous pandemics in the past. In history, there were the Spanish flu, flu pandemic, and Black Death among others that killed millions of people across the world and had adverse effects on the economy and business. Now that we are currently experiencing one, in the name of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, how will the business community continue to survive?

Utilizing Technology for Business Continuity

The International Monetary Fund, or IMF, recently predicted this pandemic would incite the worst economic slump since the Great Depression. But now that we are utilizing technology for the workforce to continue their jobs, businesses try to survive by implementing work-from-home setup. Giants like Google and Amazon have been adapting this setup to mitigate the damage of this health crisis.

Virtual Assistants and the Robust Industry

Coronavirus pandemic made us realize a few things; workers are the backbone of the economy and the work-from-home setup is possible and should be an option for many.

The effectivity of the work-from-home set-up for the labor force was an unexpected effect after strict implementations of lockdown, community quarantine, and other policies to slow down the spread of the virus across the world. In the midst of this health crisis, businesses must still continue.

But it would be impractical if business executives allow all of their employees to continue working that is why key roles and positions are mostly permitted to operate. Despite the fact that some businesses chose to temporarily close, there are still some that can’t deal with the economic damage of nonpermanent closure forcing them to operate even with only key staff and role functioning.

It would definitely increase the anxiety among business professionals brought by the pandemic; from clients pulling back their deals, changes in priorities, and the global economic effect of this crisis. While all of those are valid, hiring Virtual Assistants can help you go back on track.

After all, businesses always need a helping hand. Having effective Virtual Assistants at your side (well, not literally) can boost your productivity even in the middle of a crisis. This is a viable option, especially for startups, entrepreneurs, and business executives to not lose their momentum and continue dealing with important clients.

Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

In the Philippines, businesses have adapted quickly to survive. If the work-from-home setup is possible, then it will be implemented. Office assets were delivered to the households of the workers as well as a pocket internet connection for them to continue working. This proves that the Filipino workforce and virtual assistants in the country have been adapting to this major but short-term change in the business environment.

You can still continue. Business as usual.  Assign your tasks to your Virtual Assistant in the Philippines. Your calls, emails, schedules, social media management, and other tasks can now be efficiently handled for you. You need to continue. As they always say; time is money. And the time wasted on worrying or spent on small tasks is a waste. Instead, you should be strategizing for an unpredictable future. There is no need to worry about small roles because these do not deserve to affect your focus.

With or without pandemic, Virtual Assistants have already proven their worth and effectivity. If your business is still not yet armed with an excellent business continuity plan, you are planning to fail. In this crucial and risky period of time, we can’t stress enough how a helping hand is a must. Not only your sanity is at risk but also your business condition, your stakeholders, and such. There is so much at risk with a single miss.

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