Graphics is an essential for businesses today. All of us are targeted customers of various economic sectors. Being so, we get exposed to their artwork every single day from the moment we pop open a tube of toothpaste or access social media on our gadgets.  Nowadays, when looking for a product or service, we resort to navigating search engines or social media platforms.

Having catchy and impressive ad campaigns is strategically profitable. Appealing presence online and in brick and mortar store shelves is a must. Planning out designs as part of marketing campaigns is no joke. It requires careful planning, trend research, creative solutions and copyright executed by a talented designer.

Digital design software has replaced traditional oil paint and water color. Graphic designers and artists were more than enthusiastic to embrace this new medium. Having a professional graphic designer on board your team not only legitimizes your brand but also broadens your exposure in both local and international markets. Web access and innovations in technology broadened the selling arena to over 4.1 Billion current users in 201 countries as stated in reports by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), World Bank, and United Nations Population Division.

Visually captivating graphic designs showcased in multimedia marketing initiatives give your company leverage and allows you to target both the interested or accidental site visitors, who are potential customers. These people will most likely visit your website, explore and find something they like, whilst increasing your web traffic and online visibility. The right customers will also be regular visitors and loyal clients in the future.  Web traffic and product patronage are indicators of a brand’s popularity and credibility. Effective art designs are hooks that catch the fish.

Companies who need access to talented artists may choose to take two different routes: Freelance Graphic Design Services or Graphic Design Outsourcing.

Freelance Graphic Design Services

Freelance artists work from home. Engaging a full-time artist is tedious and unlike regular desk workers, the need graphic work may come occasionally. Hiring a freelancer allows you to conveniently get the services of an external resource person on a need basis. They don’t pump up your overhead costs. Generally, they offer affordable rates and cover their own health care. They also exempt you from paying government-imposed benefits.

The downside is you have to carefully scrutinize their work to ensure originality to avoid plagiarism or copyright infringement lawsuits. Work may take longer as one head handles all the creative work with limited software making some designs seem old, outdated or too long to finish. Some companies who failed to do careful credential check paid a much higher cost as a result.

Graphic Design Outsourcing

Outsourcing graphic design from a reputable BPO organization frees you from infringement and litigation concerns. Their team of graphic artists collaborate to produce original designs. Work is done much faster using the latest applications and design software available in the market. You may also choose from a selection of samples where you hold the proprietary rights; to which you have freedom to recycle for succeeding campaigns to promote continuity and create a positive impact to the brand or product you are promoting.  

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