Outsourcing is a process in which the business owner contracts another firm or person to do a job instead of hiring employees.

Outsourcing is an ever-present need in businesses. The company that manufactured your iPhone is not Apple. It is a manufacturing company located in China. Same goes with your shoes. And the same business model applies to graphic design

Graphic Design

As a brand, you need the artistic creativity of people in this industry. You may have a vision of how you want your company to appeal to the public, but you need specialists to execute your vision.

What is Graphic Design?

Simply put, anything that your eyes can see is a design. Somebody had to use a myriad of tools like Photoshop to produce excellent and visually-stimulating pictures, clips, and infographics. Movies also need design experts that provide animation services.

In movies, you will typically see the names of labs and studios that worked with the leading producer at the beginning of each film. Whenever you look at the words “in association with”, you are likely looking at the name of a company that provides graphic design services.

The Rise of Freelance Designers

As the world got connected, talented individuals started to offer their services via marketplaces. These marketplaces are online hubs where freelancers and clients meet. A client will post a job, and freelancers will post their bids.

The client will choose the winning bidder, after which the freelancer has to deliver the project as committed.

This model is outsourcing in its simplest form. The business owner may not have the talent to do it on his own or does not see the value of hiring his team of graphic designers because it is just a one-off project. Some examples of single projects are calling cards, flyers, calendars, and much more.

The Risks of Outsourcing to Freelancers

Like anything else, there is an inherent risk every time you hire freelancers. There are many unscrupulous freelancers out there who use other people’s work as a sample in their portfolio. As such, they mislead clients into believing that they can produce a high-quality output when they couldn’t.

Some freelancers run away with their client’s money. And this usually happens when the client has to pay an upfront payment outside an escrow service. And some fake their reviews, leading a client to believe that the freelancer has had previous successful deals.

The Safe Way to Outsource your Graphic Design Needs

If you cannot imagine yourself to be the victim of dishonest freelancers, you are better off contacting a legitimate company. The price is competitive enough, and the quality of work is guaranteed. You will find companies that offer legitimate design work and animation in the Philippines

Apart from dealing with a legitimate company, you will benefit from the combined years of expertise of the company’s employees. Also, dealing with a company allows you to enjoy the benefit of having one team working on your project consistently. You can ensure that the company understands your brand and its message. As a result, the outputs will be coherent and consistent with your expectations.

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