outsourcing in the philippines

For the business to fully function and operate on a day-to-day basis, complete coordination of different departments must be achieved. This collective effort is composed of different business functions and roles. For start-ups, filling up these roles up on their own up to the smallest function would be somehow impractical. Startups in the Philippines only fill core roles focused on the business function, and the rest will be outsourced. This strategic and practical move is proven to be healthy for their economic health.

Listed below are the top roles/business functions most outsourced in the Philippines.

1. Programming / Web Design

Businesses nowadays have adapted to technological advancements. They already integrated into having their own website for them to reach their audience effectively. Through these websites, they can show their information about the company, history, products and/or services and how to reach them. And these needs require an ample amount of skills in programming and web design.

2. Virtual Assistants

Business executives and leaders are known to have tight schedules. It is no secret that sometimes they need a helping hand to run the usual errands. They outsource virtual assistants in the Philippines to handle simple to complicated tasks like data entry, accounting, content creation and mostly, admin work like travel management, payroll, etc. They are supposed to lessen the burden of the professionals in terms of tasks and work.

3. IT Support

Again, business adapting technological advancements also requires people who have specific knowledge and skills in IT so everything will run smoothly. IT support is an essential function for the business to operate efficiently. Problems may still arise from using computers, the Internet, network and such, which is why IT support personnel also play on the productivity of the company.

4. Customer Support / Call Center

India and the Philippines are known to be the Business Process Outsourcing capital of the world. And this function is probably the most common outsourced in the Philippines. The country has built a reputation for trustworthy call center personnel. This function addresses customers’ queries, questions, and such. This is crucial for companies especially those who are engaged in the service industry.

5. Payroll and HR

In order to successfully do this function, the outsourced partner must have the knowledge and understanding of the tax withholding practices in accordance with the payroll laws of the country. Also, some businesses also outsource the function of looking the right candidate for they believed this third party partner knows better what to look out for the potential candidates.

6. SEO and Content Writing

Not all smart employees can brave a blank page and a blinking cursor. What more if the content is meant to generate leads and deliver traffic to the website?  The need for content actually depends on the company. Marketing copies, blogs, flyers, and digital content are the usual jobs of content writers and SEO experts. This skill requires years of experience and education and thus hard to find, that is why most companies chose to outsource this function.

7. Marketing and Advertising

Whether traditional or digital, no business succeeded without the help of marketing and advertising. After all, they need experts on how they will sell their products and services. Marketers and advertisers are experts who formulate strategies for your business to be ‘out there’. It is important to note that it is not just about putting a Facebook post, but studying the market, building brands, and dealing with platforms and media that is why they are an essential part of the business.

8. Financial Services

Just like programming and web design and writing, financial services require a specific set of skills acquired through years of experience and education. There are a lot of companies offering accounting services and everything that includes money management and finance.

Efficiency. That’s the word many companies hold on to on why they chose to outsource.  For start-ups, outsourcing is a viable option. Even big companies consider outsourcing as it helps them cut costs and be strategic. The said functions above play an important role in making the business run smoothly and thus are equally important.