why use linkedin

Since the inception of the Internet and Social Media, our lifestyle and business environment have changed forever. The transition from traditional to digital also reflects in the meaning of being a professional today. One platform that has been revolutionizing what it means to be a professional is LinkedIn.

Existing before the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn already has established its name as the professional social networking platform. It gives an effective venue to many professionals across the world to share their business, establish their brands, find a community and even hire talents.

But it doesn’t end there as through LinkedIn you can…

1. Get Hired!

Those who just finished or are about to finish their education, experts would definitely recommend creating a LinkedIn account. Why? Because job postings are here. Gone are the days where people find jobs through print advertisements on the streets or whatnot as job search now happens online. LinkedIn is a community of talents and HR people. You’ll never know, your next employer could be here.

Through this platform, you can search for keywords and location of the job that matches your skill or education. Results will let you choose where to apply.

2. Get Updates from the Business and Professional Community

LinkedIn is like the Facebook of professionals. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and even regular employees interact, share and “make friends” here. These things are not about their latest vacation getaway or expensive meal in a restaurant but useful content about their businesses, current events (local and international) that possibly impact them. Also, other relevant stuff can also be found here; announcements, milestones and opportunities, and even inspirational messages and stories to boost your morale.

Also, if you’re looking for #TheNextGreat people in your team, you can find them on LinkedIn.

3. Establish YOUR Brand

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur and starting a company or brand and you don’t know where to start, LinkedIn would be the best platform to execute all those wonderful ideas. In this community filled with numerous inspirations, instructional materials and such, it is impossible to not find your voice and ways to deliver it to a professional audience.

Bonus, it is a community that helps each other by giving feedback and responses to those who need it. And, you can have a glimpse on what your competitors are up to. Then ask yourself; what makes you unique? What makes you stand out after seeing them?

4. Build and Manage Your Network

If you’ve been dreaming of starting an empire, prepare because it is about to come true as you come to the right place. With over 500 million professional profiles across the globe, LinkedIn has all kinds of people. You can take a peek at their profiles (that also serves as their resume) and see for yourself if it fits your qualifications. You can also message them after you connected to each other and start meaningful professional relationship. 

With LinkedIn, there is no need to keep stacks of business cards as their contact information are all posted in their account. You can use tags and build community/groups having members in the same industry or niche.

This platform has successfully helped individuals from those are looking for a job to entrepreneurs building their company in the digital world.  Linked is indeed true to its mission that is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”