No one can argue that pictures and videos are now the standards of advertising. Even simple content requires an infographic if you want your content to deliver traffic. Pictures sell, words don’t. But this requires a different level of creativity, something that most SMEs find lacking in their current roster.

Shared Services

The major setback for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is the cost of graphic design. You can choose to hire your graphic design team, or you can outsource your SME design needs to companies that offer shared services.

What Are Shared Services?

If you hire your team members, they work solely for you. A designer will do nothing all day but to produce ads, charts, or animations. The challenge here is that you do not need to put out ads every day. You also do not need to produce new videos on a daily basis, especially so if you are an SME enterprise. And you may find yourself paying the salary of under-utilized employees.

Companies realize that they can provide value to a businessperson by putting up a team of graphic designers who can work for multiple clients at the same time. This set-up is the reason we call them shared services. As a client, you do not own their time, but you certainly can ask them to produce work according to an agreement.

What can you expect from them?

Since you are the client, you can draw a contract for a one-off project, or you can hire their services on a continuous basis. Part of the deal should indicate the amount of work you expect from the shared services team. If you need graphic designs on a weekly basis, a graphic designer will produce one at par to your specifications.

If you need videos, then you or your marketing team will work together with the members of the outsourcing company on a timeline you set. Essentially, they can only dedicate time and effort according to the project expectations. After that, they can either move on to complete another client’s projects or move on with your new ones.

Where can you find them?

Outsourcing is not a new concept in the Philippines. The country is the world’s capital in outsourcing services. Although the majority of services found here comprises contact centers operating in different channels, the country is moving at a pace to compete globally as far as other services are concerned.

Part of this growth is a trajectory by digital marketing, advertising, graphic design, and animation services.  The country also has many experts in other fields of technology like network operations centers, data infrastructure, and others.


SMEs have a lot to gain with outsourcing their marketing and graphic design needs to shared services companies. By doing so, they will only spend a fraction of what it would cost to build their in-house teams. The quality of work is also beyond question, as these companies only employ the best in their respective areas of expertise.

SMEs have the choice of contacting these professional agencies, or risk working with freelancers and get work that was either copied or work that does not meet the business owner’s expectations.

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