A chat bot is a computer program that can mimic a real human being. It is primarily used by small and medium-sized businesses to answer simple inquiries from customers, like the shipping rate, or where a specific page on a site can be found.

Chatbots work primarily on keywords that customers use and has evolved over the years into becoming something like a personal assistant. However, there are still many things that a robot cannot do that a human can. And during these situations, you have to be prepared to have Live Chat Support for escalated issues.

Live Agents Can Understand Customers Better

There are situations in a business that requires human customer service because these situations are complicated. Examples of these are the status of an order, refund status, or questions about merging shipments.  

With a chat bot, the robot can only provide general information. It has no ability to analyze complex situations. And without human interference, a customer can get flustered if he does not get a decent and meaningful answer.

Live Chat Saves Money

Agents who perform chat services can service several customers at the same time. It is much affordable than having phone support. An agent who takes calls can only serve one customer at a time, but a chat agent can service at least two.

In the long run, live chat support will also improve your sales and reduce your refunds. As the live agent answers inquiries, the customer gets enlightened about what he is buying. And if a customer knows what to expect, there is less likelihood of getting returns.

If the chat agent also answered all of the customer’s inquiries, you can expect that the customer has had a satisfactory customer experience, giving your business more opportunities to upsell or cross-sell other products.

Live Chat is Easier to Set Up

No matter the technology, a chat bot cannot fully function as a human being. Live chat is easier to set up because all you need to do is to train a person about your products and services. And as the human agent learns all this, he can answer multiple types of inquiries.

A robot, on the other hand, has to be programmed, maintained, and re-calibrated again and again. For every new product, you should have a script that you must enter into the system. If you change a product specification, you need to update the chat bot’s source of information.

There is no need to do this with a human. All it takes is a simple email update, and the live agent can easily incorporate this new knowledge in his day to day activities.


A good business strategy is to have both chatbot services and live chat agents at the same time. Have the chatbots available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These robots will be your first gatekeeper for basic concerns.

In situations that require complex problem-solving skills, the chat bots must escalate the issue to a live human agent. In cases where the customer need help but your contact center is closed for the weekend, just program the chat bot to say that the issue will be escalated and will be taken care of in 48 hours.   


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