In 2011, the Philippines has proven its competitiveness as it surpassed India as the World’s top destination for Call Center outsourcing. The country now caters multilingual call center offering namely Bahasa, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese languages as its outsourcing expertise.

Filipinos are not only proficient in English, Tagalog and other Philippine dialects. Our proficiency in speaking foreign dialects gives opportunity for call center companies to establish contact services in multiple languages. These companies open doors for Korean, Bahasa Call Center, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mandarin Call Centers to take advantage of Filipino’s uncanny language competencies.

Usually, these foreign languages were learned by Filipinos who completed schools with foreign language as part of the curriculum, some grew up in a multi-cultural environment where speaking external languages are on a daily basis.

Some training centers also provide multilingual coaching and exercises for candidates as this opens broad opportunities and earn more than a regular English-speaking agent. Most multi-lingual centers employ a number of expats and foreign nationals residing in the Philippines who speak the native tongue of their customers.

With foreign language fluency and neutral accent, Akron Global sees the capacity of our skillful Filipinos and therefore opens opportunities in Bahasa, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese call centers. Outsourcing multi-lingual call center in the Philippines is an ideal, cost-effective and rewarding strategy you can grab today. Let us know your insights,