For years, business process outsourcing in the country made transcription services in the Philippines part of their offerings to clients who outsource their transcribing needs. Data entry services follow client-specified formats and schedules, delivered accurate and pristine using templates that are properly marked or dated. BPO transcribers undergo a strict screening to ensure they have the intellect, writing and hearing capacity this specialization demands. Typing speed is also monitored to meet targets and deadlines. To outsource transcription is a profitably wise business move.

Transcription is basically transferring one media to another like writing a voice recording into a document. This is one the oldest task still in practice today. Transcribers used to undergo secretarial studies programs like secretarial science, administrative assistant, general office assistant or executive assistant programs. They immersed in typing, stenography, verbatim wording, bookkeeping, standard office procedures and filing systems.  Courts used legal secretaries to transcribe court proceedings. Medical practitioners and hospitals employed medical secretaries to rewrite doctor’s notes and clinical abstracts. Commercial businesses secured the services of general office or executive assistants to document minutes of meetings or interviews.

Over the years, this evolved. Technology compressed secretarial specializations with the use of related technology. This limited the desirability of employing staff with solely secretarial talents and gave opportunities to those with bachelor degree to take over the job. Companies realized the benefit of hiring employees who immersed in industry-related studies with broader understanding of their field of business thus, ensuring a better quality of work output.

Though writing something down sounds easy, some task require special skills and a good ear to determine the words and place them down on paper. Special considerations on context, pronunciation and enunciations to deliver the final draft with 100% accuracy must never be discounted. These are pertinent documents that may be needed later on for research, litigations or reference.

Taking and transcribing of minutes, for example, is a very valuable skill.  It requires arranging the written report in chronological order as well as striking the right balance in summing up the discussion in a factual and efficient manner, not too wordy, just accurate. These documents are used to inform people who didn’t attend the meeting about what happened and aids in keeping track of resolutions arrived at that is useful in making informed future decisions.

Having a talented professional transcriptionist ready to work for you when needed is important for any business. This takes the load off from key staff members and keeps productivity up. News agencies like CNN and BBC use transcribers to write the notes on interviews, reports or broadcast and post them on their website for readers. With this, they don’t only deliver the news to viewers but to readers as well. With transcription, companies like them are able to hit two birds with one stone.

Recruiting the right person for the job on your own is task-intensive. Let BPO industry experts tackle that area for you. No need to worry, your business is in good hands. Skilled transcriptionists are within your reach.

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