NOC stands for Network Operation Center. It is a place where you store all the data for your business. It is also the place where all the transactions are processed and stored. Most companies that need NOC are those that lean toward technology. An example is an app developer whose customers need to access data as they use the app. Typically, a game developer needs a NOC to ensure that the operations of its games are secure and flawless.

But as a small or medium enterprise, how will you choose the right NOC for your company?

NOC Outsourcing

It Must Have Customized Solutions

Not all companies require the same systems. And having said that, a Network Operation Center provider must be ready to deliver according to your specific business needs. If you are a game developer, the speed and the amount of data that you need to process depends so much on the number of players accessing your games. A NOC provider must be able to tailor-fit a systems management service only for you.

It Must Run 24/7

The network operations center must be staffed without fail. To be able to do this, the provider must have a fully-managed operation. It takes only one bug or system failure to shut down your business. As an SME, you cannot afford to alienate your users and clients this way.

If you are running a cloud storage service, then you need a NOC provider that can guarantee seamless communication between your clients and your data centers any time of the day, 365 days a year.

It Must Have a World Class Suite

Anyone who works in the NOC environment knows that efficiency is not just about monitoring your up time, but it also includes a wide array of services. In the Philippines, you will find NOC specialists that can:

  • Provide Root Cause Analysis – a process that allows engineers and technicians to determine the cause of the service breakdown logically. This analysis will serve as the foundation on which plans are laid out and executed.
  • Documentation – an essential aspect of the management process that lets you track all issues, their causes, the solutions, and the actions needed for implementation to prevent the same failure from happening again.
  • Escalation Process – the NOC company must have a detailed process that lays out who is accountable for what issue. Sometimes, the problem is too complex to solve, and your Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees may need the support of a tenured engineer.


As more and more businesses move into the cloud, choosing a network operations center is becoming a necessity. The cost of the infrastructure alone is a huge dent to your capital. You have to buy servers, wires, connect them to business-class ISP, and more. If you outsource your NOC, expect cost savings since the companies that offer these already have the infrastructure built.

Essentially, you are renting dedicated space in their systems and expect them to manage these systems while you concentrate on the core of your business.

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