Managed Operations Services

Managed Operations (also known as Co-Sourcing) is a more value added service and it is ideally suited for customers who do not have a local entity registered in the Philippines. Akron acts as your link between your needs and provides the services to start your outsourcing operations in Manila, Philippines.

Managed Operations is now becoming a preferred choice of most customers who take care of the core delivery of the services whether inbound, outbound or back office. Akron provides the following services:

Agent for Job
Payroll of the agents and all statutory requirements
Plug and Play Work Station (Personal Computer, IP Phone and Headsets)
Access to common areas such as toilets & pantry
Access to conference rooms and meeting rooms (subject to booking)
Basic IT Support pertaining to our infrastructure
Fiber Optic Internet
VoIP (to be billed)
Recruitment Support

(For 9 hours operations) Plus the salary cost of the employee on the campaign.

How It Works

Focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

Facilities & Infrastructure, IT, Staffing, HR and Payroll.

Managed by Your Company

Managed by Akron

Joint Effort Model

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