Signs can show from the most mundane office mishap like a failure to acknowledge an email from a boss to a major one to the point where you question your life decisions. These exhaustive, draining, existential-crisis-triggering emotions come from collective or consecutive mistakes or difficulties in the office as an executive. In these times of crisis, there’s no harm in asking or seeking a helping hand. A handful of committed and competent virtual assistant in the Philippines is more than ready to lessen your burden.

virtual assistant in the philippines

But you may ask why, of all places, in the Philippines? Well, according to UNESCO statistics, the Philippine literacy rate in 2015 is at 98.22%. English is taught from pre-elementary up to tertiary education that is why it became our second language. Indeed, most Filipinos have no difficulty in communicating foreigners across the world.

When it comes to culture, Filipinos are known to be very adaptable. The media we are consuming are diverse and our roots, the effect of colonization of various countries/cultures, makes us unique and flexible. And these are only a portion of good qualities Filipinos have you’d need and love. Modesty aside, we still have a long list of why’s.

Going back, here are the signs why you might need a virtual assistant in the Philippines:

1. You can’t do everything.

And that’s fine. We have to admit it. No one is requiring anyone to master every single task in the corporate world. From time to time, you might need help from your supervisor or a colleague.

Let’s say, you are an entrepreneur with little knowledge in business taxes in a certain state, you can’t force yourself to learn everything in one sitting knowing that there are a lot of more important things that need your utmost attention. In this case, you may hire a virtual assistant who has a background in accounting and taxation. Rest assured everything will be done for you.

These are skills you can just delegate to others so you can focus on more important objectives in your to-do list.

2. There are still unchecked tasks on your month’s to-do list, 400 unanswered emails, a pile of paperwork in your table, and so on.

In short, it’s overwhelming and you don’t know which one to prioritize. These ‘mess’ are dangerous not just to the business but also to your mental, physical and emotional health.

You can’t just go MIA when things get rough. Obviously, that won’t solve the problem either.

3. You’re spending your time mostly on admin tasks.

Remember who’s the boss here.

It’s you! And these tasks like answering a phone call, photocopying documents, invoicing, making an itinerary are not for you to focus on. It’s not worth your time anymore because there should be other people doing these for you.

Learn to manage your time efficiently and effectively. A virtual assistant should suffice for these tasks.

4. You’re not an ‘idea-person’ anymore.

Do you still remember when was the last time you formulate a strategic solution/idea for the company?

Maybe no, because you have been occupied by unimportant tasks. As someone in the top management, conceptual and human skills should consume most of your time.

Though there’s an initiative to execute those ideas, you can’t because of the distraction that inhibits you to think and do more.

5. You can feel and see the effects of stress in your health.

Migraine, back pain, eye pain and such may become normal to you and you just chose to shun it off by taking over-the-counter medicine. That’s dangerous. Though it’s normal to feel the stress sometimes, still, beware especially if it is starting to affect your overall health to the point that you can’t perform or work well.

You can’t just risk your physical health and push yourself to the limits. Do not forget to rest and delegate.

6. Work doesn’t excite you anymore.

You wake up, eat breakfast, prepare for work, sit at your office, do tasks, leave, and then the cycle goes on and on. This same routine will repeat five times or more a week until it becomes excruciatingly dreadful.

Sadly, you’ve lost the fire that you had when you started the business. Maybe, with a helping hand, you’d be able to ignite your once burning passion.

7. Imbalance in your work and life.

There’s an urgent meeting with a potential client on the day of your son’s theater recital at school. Have you ever made a decision in which you had to choose between your personal life and work?

Sure, there will be a point in your professional life, but when your personal life or work is being compromised for the sake of the other it is no good. And it is a major sign that you need help.

Keep in mind that you can still have a life inside and outside work. It sounds ideal, but it is a reality.

No need to feel bad if you happen to tick the majority of the boxes. Relax. A virtual assistant in the Philippines might be the one you need to eliminate those dreadful signs. Want to know more? Write to us at