An inside sales team is comprised of a group of people doing outbound calls, the intent of which is to make a sale. Typically, this is done via an outbound call center, where you outsource your sales needs and let the outsourcing company do the selling.

This typically works in a business-to-customer model or B2B, but what strategy must you use to make it work on a business-to-business model?

Create an Effective Lead

One of the reasons   B2B telemarketing solutions fail is because of bad leads. While it is obvious, many contact centers call thousands of lead in an attempt to make a sale, but the lead has no relevance to the business.

If your business is about marketing, it just makes sense that your outbound contact center will only call small and medium business enterprises who are struggling to market their products online. And by doing so, you are giving yourself an opportunity to upsell some of your services related to it like videos, animation, or graphic design.

Create an Effective Process

Should the B2B Call center outsourcing use a script? This is up to you. Over time, you will develop an understanding of what works and what does not.

A process is a framework that your sales agents will follow over the phone. An effective inside sales team must be equipped with this framework to take advantage of every opportunity.

Should the agents leave a voice mail? How often will you do a follow through? You must know that some clients may be a good lead, but they are not ready to purchase now.

You must have a system that will tell the agents when to call the lead back, or what made the potential client not buy. In the future, the next agent who will handle the call will know how to best position a sale.

Create an Inbound Sales Team

As a B2B-oriented company, you will definitely have some form of customer support. It can be voice, email, or chat support.

Use your inbound call center solutions as part of your sales strategy. Train the agents to listen to cues where they can introduce new products. When customers call about a problem, the agents must have a deep understanding of the suite of products or services that they can offer to solve this problem.


You can achieve in creating these three fundamentals of an effective sales strategy by outsourcing. BPO companies are experts in sales, and all you need to do is to look for a partner that can deliver your business needs.  

Outsourcing for SMEs is an excellent business strategy. It eliminates the high cost of putting up your own contact center, and you will be leveraging the decades of experience and expertise of BPO companies that specialize in B2B sales.

You can expect these companies to deliver positive results, increased sales, and higher revenues while you focus on developing the product and creating value for your clients.

Work with the outsourcing company for the best sales strategy, and spend more time focusing on the core of your business.


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