BPO Outsourcing Philippines: Acquiring more knowledge and sharpening the intellect as route to enlightenment and self-development used to be optional but this changed over the years. Globalization made this happen. The global merging B2B, B2C and corporate markets mirrors the importance of kaizen in all races and cultures. Multilingual skill is highly valued throughout the world. Expansions and offshore ventures depend on defeating the obstacle brought about by language barriers. Having interpreters or linguists in the employee roster proved very profitable yet costly.  

Customer Service

China is currently the most desirable world market to tap into. The needs and demands brought by overpopulation are unceasingly endless. The increasing number of investors and their increasing customer in different market niches gives businessmen huge chunks of the pie.

However the language and the uniqueness of the roughly logosyllabic writing system and polysyllabic words of Chinese, discourage many ventures. Mandarin is the global national Chinese language used in business and conversation. This threshold has been explored mostly by conglomerates. SME’s should not be limited by this constraints. Here are some questions we considered in advance for you.

“What if you have access to ready linguists 24/7?”

“What if you’ll have not just one, but as many multiliguals as needed?”

“What if you neither have to worry about scalability and affordability?”

“What if you had a partner who will share the burden and risk of operating the business with you?”

Unlike other call center companies in the Philippines, Akron Global is dedicated in being your all-in-one hub when it comes to the field of outsourcing. Our company, partners and subsidiaries with operations from East to Southeast Asia have strategically assisted clients in polishing and conducting the multiple functions of their business models to optimize performance.

Foreign-language learning is part of the college curriculum in the Philippines. This equipped many Filipinos with a third language. Some private schools also teach Chinese Mandarin to students from pre-school to high school equipping students with fluency in navigating the language. Others learn their third language from studying in language schools or working abroad.

Our high caliber Mandarin call center outsourcing services funnel in desirable industry talents with expertise in relevant multilingual call center outsourcing experience clients search for. Among them are Filipino multilinguals who are capable with multitasking with both speech ability and practicing their specialized fields from Mandarin appointment setting, transcription work, cold calling to complex customer service and Mandarin telesales functions.

The sequence of operations is religiously executed by an expert Mandarin speaker or group of speakers using complex mechanisms formulated in-house which ensures seamless interaction with Chinese customers on higher-level perspective. Workflow comprises documentation and service or product marketing from the first step to the next. It is our fundamental building block combined with other parts of our service structures such as information technology, teams, projects and hierarchies to meet the satisfaction of customers.

Specially tailored packages suitable to varying industrial needs are meticulously reviewed to come up with newer and more innovative offers that will help make your investments go farther. These packages consist of carefully orchestrated patterns of business activities. Systematic techniques on organization of resources are mapped out accordingly to transform branding, back office services and process reports for your perusal.

For inquiries, you can write to bd@athl.com.hk