The insatiable challenges that arise from language barriers in foreign operations pose huge hindrances to a companies’ growth. Addressing these needs serious preparation before venturing into international operations. Not having sufficient resources to face territorial issues like language, among others, can become a threat.  There are simply just too difficult, even costly, to overcome. When mishandled, companies suffer and lose the opportunity in establishing itself as a credible market player.

Cantonese (广东话 / Guǎngdōng huà) is the second most used language in China. It is the official national language of Hong Kong and Macao. 90% of migrant Chinese worldwide are from Guangdong. This is the reason why Cantonese is the mother tongue of their descendants. The language has been passed down for centuries from Southeast Asia to the Western Hemisphere. On top of the 20 million native speakers abroad in countries like Malaysia, Philippines, United States and others; 60 million Chinese in China speak the language as reported by China Daily, the country’s state-owned gazette. Guǎngdōng huà  or Cantonese is the second Chinese global language next to Mandarin. This gave rise to Cantonese call center outsourcing services in different parts of the world offering

The global market acknowledges the vast number of Chinese consumers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the world. All these certifies that Cantonese does rank 23rd in the most spoken languages as verified by the 2019 Ethnologue edition published by SIL International, a US based non-profit organization that promote linguistic knowledge and literacy.

China’s highly sustained economic growth, enormous population, competitive manufacturing industry, vigorous commerce, tax incentives for investments in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), massive physical infrastructure development and the increased spending power of the average Chinese family act like magnets that attract investors worldwide, big and small brands alike, see the profitability of business engagement in the region. The thriving gaming and tourism industries, in recent years added, more allure that further boosted China’s global status.

China now holds the record for world’s longest sea-crossing bridge spanning 55 kilometers (34 miles). This impressive architectural feat is deemed to be a promising potential catalyst for major economic changes that has attracted bountiful foreign investments. It links the thriving cities of Hong Kong and Macau to other southern Chinese hubs known as the Greater Bay Area.

BPO companies in the Philippines are well-equipped to assists entrepreneurs and conglomerates who are optimizing opportunities while the iron is hot.  China is the place to go; the right market to tap into this millennia. BPO teams of experts and multilingual speakers will handle the ‘how’s’ of breaking into the Chinese market and maintain a dynamic customer service support for both foreign and local Chinese businessmen and customers. Agents are not only trained with the language but also possess in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture, vulnerabilities and strengths to service customers as best as possible.

Philippine BPOs offer Cantonese telesales, Cantonese customer service, Cantonese appointment setting and diverse business processes at affordable rates to service Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou and Cantonese-speaking nationals wherever in the world they may be.

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