Although Bahasa really means language, it is currently loosely used to refer to the Malaysian language, particularly the one that traces its roots to the Indonesian variety.

Lately, a surge in customer service reps is seen in the Malaysian economy, most notably because of its growing economy. The Philippines, being the BPO hub of the world, is geared up and ready to fulfill this need. BPO companies in the Philippines do not only service English customers, but the country is also home to multi-lingual talents who can speak Mandarin, French, Spanish, and now, Bahasa.

But why is there an increasing demand for Bahasa call center outsourcing services? Here, we will take a look at the factors causing this, along with why the Philippines is the perfect option for this job.

Malaysia Expects Economic Growth

According to Malaysia’s Department of Statistics, there was an improvement in the country’s Leading Index by 1.17%. One contributing factor was the increase in retail trade. The state also ended 2018 in good terms, as the Q4 GDP was at 4.7%, which is in line with expectations.

Although there are ongoing issues that the country has to face because of the ongoing trade war between the US and China, experts believe the economy is poised to fight this challenge and grow because of improved labor conditions. And this economy sees growth, there will be a need for multilingual call center outsourcing, and the Philippines has the right technological infrastructure and workforce to support this.

Malaysia Has a Spurt in investments

Today, many companies are putting venture capital money in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia. There is rapid growth in the country’s ride-hailing services, and there is also a technological revolution happening as financial technology companies are investing in the country to create and promote banking services like e-wallets, internet banking platforms, and much more.

In fact, e-commerce in Malaysia is also thriving. It is currently dominated by the likes of Site Giant, Lazada, Shopee, Lelong, and many more.

And with these technology companies growing, there is no doubt that customers will need BPO companies in the Philippines to support Bahasa customer service.

As such, it is also an opportune time for these companies to leverage the talents of Filipino outsourced agents to work on Bahasa telesales and increase the revenue of these e-commerce establishments.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines has the appropriate tenure, technology, and experience in the outsourcing business. With decades of expertise in the industry, the country is not just home to customer support services, but it has grown into a network of outsourced services that include graphic design, Bahasa appointment settings, virtual assistance services, and so much more.

The business process outsourcing in the Philippines does not only reside in one region, as the entire country has participation. The government backs this industry, and there is more than enough talent in the country to support multi-lingual customer support needs.

The country also has specialization in many fronts, which includes other verticals and channels such as chat, social media, marketing, advertising, survey, inbound sales, and outbound sales.


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