Whatever it is that you are selling, you need leads. And this most especially so if you are running an online business. It is difficult enough to drive traffic to your e-commerce website, much less convince your visitors to make an immediate purchase.

If you are looking for sales, the only way to do it is to have a proactive approach, which is done via outbound calls. But if you have a contact center running an inbound customer service for you, you also need to take this opportunity to make sales.

E commerce Outsourcing

But why? What are the benefits of outsourcing your customer service and sales efforts to a third-party vendor?

Create a Personalized Service

Whether you make a telesales effort via inbound or outbound channels, a customer will feel a personal touch when the pitch is made over the phone.

Hearing the voice of another person on the other end of the line gives the impression that the business is legitimate, run by people who can assist a customer, as opposed to just having a customer view the products online.

Lesser Operations Cost

E-commerce outsourcing is not just a trend—it is a proven business model that can help you save on your operating costs. Be it inbound customer service with sales, or a 100% outbound sales campaign, there are many merits to outsourcing these activities to a contact center.

For one, you do not have to buy your own equipment such as computers, servers, and telephone units. You also do not have to pay for utilities. What you need is a process, which you will share to the telemarketers or CSRs, so they can do the job according to your standards.

It Is Easier to Expand Your Business

If you outsource your telemarketing efforts, you will get the sales part out of the way, and have a group be accountable for it. As a result, you now have the time to expand your e-commerce business.

Here are the things you can do once you have a dedicated sales group:

  • You can focus on logistics to make delivery faster
  • You can explore and test other products and services that you can add to your portfolio
  • You can focus on marketing and providing value-added services to your existing customers

As the contact center focuses on customer acquisition and retention, you can now shift your attention to avenues that can expand your institution.


There are companies that can help you eliminate the sales issue from your plate. These contact centers have highly trained employees who understand and can execute the art of selling. And when you do business with them, it is just natural that you set a target that they should achieve.

This way, you have a guarantee that you are not just paying for efforts, but also for positive results. You can implement metrics such as average sales per day, sales per hour, average dollar per transaction, and much more.

And as you move along, you can collaborate with the management team of the outsourcing company to achieve higher sales, and make the customer service better.

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