There was a time when gamers had to make do with their ingenuity to fix their problems. Back then, one merely had to shake a Family Computer cartridge to make it work again. Some blow the cartridge to get rid of the dust. Now that games have taken a whole new level of technology, the systems used in the gaming industry are much more complicated than old generation consoles.

Today, you can buy your games online. You need to install them in your console or PC, and you also need to create an account. Sometimes you forget your password, and sometimes the game will not load at all. The technology used is sophisticated enough, what with all the inter-linked systems and firewalls, that consumers need the support of an expert.

Outsourcing for Gaming Industry

Here are some benefits of outsourcing some aspects of your company’s services to the BPO industry.

Niche-Focused Expertise

As a game developer, the core of your business is innovation. Your efforts should focus on the development of new games, creating storylines, and making the systems work. Similarly, mobile phone companies outsource their manufacturing activities to service providers that can maintain the company’s expected quality of output.

Outsourcing for gaming industry works in the same way. While your lab is busy creating new gaming engines, you need to eliminate the task of dealing with customers by assigning it to another group. And as you embark on this business model, it is imperative that you set standards and have someone manage the group according to your level of customer service standards.

Access to Specific Workforce

Customer service is not something that anyone can do with proficiency. There are countries in the world, such as the Philippines, that have built an industry around it. The population of these areas has decades of experience and specialization to handle a myriad of issues to a customer’s satisfaction.

In these countries, the government supports various initiatives to help the industry thrive. Companies built a partnership with colleges and universities to ensure that there is always an influx of fresh talents, which will help support the demand for customer service for gamers.

If you hire your customer service representatives in your area, you deny yourself the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds that can help you satisfy your customers in the shortest possible time.

Cost Savings in Operations

Outsourcing is a cost-effective means to accomplish projects, including labor, peripherals, and real estate. If you hire your group, you need a Human Resources department to facilitate the interviews, create the job descriptions, and sign-up the employees for the job.

You need trainers, computers, managers, quality experts, I.T. experts, and numerous key personnel to make the customer service department functional.

If you outsource, the business process outsourcing company will take care of all of these. They have the infrastructure and the right people to do the hiring, training, and managing the execution of your expectations.

BPO companies do not just do phone calls. They also offer non-voice services such as chat, email, and back-office work. On another hand, you can also incorporate upselling in the call flow to help you drive sales even if the service that a customer called for is an after-sales issue.


The gaming industry will continue to grow. Now that developers are gearing away from the traditional buy-disc-then-install model, more and more players will join the online community, especially the mobile gaming community. As such, there will be a pressing need to support these gamers to ensure their loyalty.

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