There are some businesses best facilitated on a face-to-face conversation. Examples of these are real estate and marketing, where the potential client has to talk to the sales agent.


This approach yields better business growth, as the customer interacts with a real individual who will answer his inquiries in real time in a physical environment.

The challenge, however, is that these sales executives need to focus on the actual pitch itself and then close the deal, instead of looking for leads.

And this is where your inside sales team comes in. This is a team located in one spot, and what they do is to look for leads via telecalling activities and pass on these leads to your executive sales team.

But how do you make it work?

Create a Strong Inside Sales Team

The key is to have a team of individuals who have a strong understanding of your product. The team members must also possess impeccable telesales skills.

This team will make the phone calls and look for leads who have a high likelihood of purchasing the services or products you offer. If you are in the real estate business, these agents must understand the important aspects of selling a house.

If you are selling advertising or marketing services, then these live agents must know the differences between CPC or CPM, or anything that has something to do with marketing and advertising.  

Create a Strong Appointment Logistics

An important aspect that you need to think about if you will use an inside sales team as a feeder channel for your executives is that you must have a strong appointment setting program.

Once a telesales agent closes a deal with a customer, the next step is to set up an appointment between the customer and the sales executive. You must have a scheduling app that not only allows the agent to choose the sales executive who will handle the case, but it must also allow the agent to put special notes.

From the sales executive side, he must be able to see his appointments weeks or days ahead so he can plan his transportation and prepare the appropriate materials that he has to present to the potential customer.

Create a Strong Executive Sales Team

This is the team that talks to the customer in person. As such, you must build a strong team comprised of members who are committed, diligent, presentable, and professional. You must build a team with strong sales and strong presentation skills.

These are the member who will convince the customer to buy, finally close the deal, and sign the contract. If your business is accounting outsourcing, then the team members must be able to answer questions about taxation. If your business is real estate, then you should have executive sales personnel who can answer inquiries about lot sizes, living areas, payment and mortgages, and such.


You can build a successful business and use an inside sales team to grow your business. You can outsource your telesales department, and have them do the outbound calls, while your executive sales team will do the actual pitch locally.


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