virtual assistant monitor

Having a virtual assistant to help your day-to-day function may be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your professional career. But it doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly. Just like having employees present in your office, problems and issues may still arise.

The lack of physical presence can make you anxious if an employee is doing the job. Thankfully, there are ways and tools you can use to track down if they are just slacking off with a YouTube video playing on their screen or if they are burning their eyebrows for the task you handed down.

1. Communicating Directly

One of the most obvious ways to monitor the work of a Virtual Assistant is to ask them directly. You can use messaging applications like Skype, Messenger or even email if you want. You can also call your virtual assistant to personally hear them talk. You’d know if he/she is lying as not all of the people are good liars.

Checking on them from time to time is not as bad as you pay them for their service. Just ask them what are they on, request a progress report, demand real-time information on the project or task you handed down.

2. Tracking

If you find communicating directly time-consuming and unnecessary and you’re quite unsure of the accuracy of the information they gave, you can use several tools to track what they are doing.

If you can go to your worker’s station to check what they’re up to, for your virtual assistants, there are useful and quite ~nosy~ time-tracking software/applications to check their web activities (as they mainly work online).

Platforms like Hubstaff, Velocity, and are usually used to time track virtual assistants. Hubstaff can also show the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes and can provide you random screenshots so you can view what your virtual assistant is working on or what movie is playing. The dashboard is also helpful as it has an overview of the projects the team is on, who’s online and such.

Velocity, on the other hand,  acts like a speedometer measuring and predicting how fast a task can be done. Lastly, works like Hubstaff. It tracks apps, web pages your virtual assistant has visited so you’ll know if they are really working.

3. Changing of Passwords

This is a trick that is proven to be effective especially if you’re that suspicious. You can change the password every day of every site, mail or application you require your virtual assistant to work on. If there’s a day they did not ask for the password, then it is easy to conclude that the virtual assistant did not work. Tricky, right?

Trust and honesty are essential to both parties. Without this, there will be no fruitful relationship and thus no quality output. Now, if you’re still on the lookout for a virtual assistant in the Philippines you can rely and trust, we got you! Did you know that Akron Global can provide you the best virtual assistant suited for your needs, someone that you wouldn’t need to use those platforms to ensure they’re working because they are worth your trust? Yes! If you want to know more, you can write to us at