Outsourcing is not a new buzzword in business. But to the uninitiated, it simply means hiring a person, or a company, to perform duties relevant to your business. There is a myriad of reasons for doing this. It could be that you want to save on cost, and it is also likely that you want the job done by experts.

One obstacle that a business entity faces is finding the right outsourcing partner. With the hundreds of companies that compete globally, how should you choose?

Here is a checklist before outsourcing that will help you make informed decisions.

Outsourcing Partner

Reliability and Reputation

You should only do business with companies that have a good reputation, as you do not want your corporation name dragged into business scandals. For many years, we have seen outsourcing companies who couldn’t manage their employees. Some of them stole credit card numbers and caused a lot of damage to the business that hired them.

For macro businesses, you must be in the loop of what is happening in your industry, and you must know what security measures are expected from anybody who will handle a part of your business. Use this knowledge to scrutinize what the outsourcing company has to offer.

Let us say that data integrity and customer data protection is important to you. If you need data integrity, you need to ask for proof of server security. Does the outsourcing vendor have strict compliance protocols in handling data? Are the employees trained in laws like PCI and GDPR?

If they have never heard of any of these, you need to move on and keep on looking for a better partner.

Physical Infrastructure

Infrastructure should not be your problem, but you have to supply the specifications of the programs you need. A good outsourcing company must have a space ready for occupancy, and they must know how to build the place according to your business needs.

A company that offers a customer service support offshore must have the appropriate equipment and telecommunications foundation to make your business work. Without it, the company will take at least six months to a year to deploy its employees to serve you.

Availability of Talent Pool

If you are outsourcing because you need a team to manufacture your goods, then Bhutan may not be the best choice, even if you find a reliable outsourcing vendor there. China is a better option, as the country thrives in the manufacturing industry.

If you are looking for English-speaking customer service representatives, the Philippines is your primary option, as the country has been leading the contact center industry in the world for many years.

When you look for a partner, you need to ask where they intend to get the right talent to perform the service you are asking them to do. They need to be able to convince you that their location is strategic enough to have available talents should the need arises.


Choosing the right partner is fundamental to the success of your business. Hire the wrong partner, and you will cause irreparable damage to your company. Hire the right one, and you can focus on exploring growth markets to make your business bigger.

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