E-commerce paved the way for entrepreneurs to put up their businesses without physical infrastructure. Today, a person can set-up an e-commerce store for less than $50 and start selling his wares.

Though there are many models to online selling, the one thing in common among all of these is that they are all done on the information highway. As such, there are also many aspects of the business that people can do remotely.

e-commerce industry

Outsourcing is a fundamental business model that you must consider, especially when your business is now growing, and you need to focus on more meaningful things like acquisition, product design, and manufacturing.

Here are some of the things that outsourcing can help you manage your business.

Outsourcing Makes Remote Work Possible

If you are a drop shipper, there is no tangible reason why you have to set up your own office. Pretty much, you have grown your business from your home.

Even if you have a big business, your focus should not be in managing the day to day activities of your employees, but rather on the core functions that will help you expand your business.

As such, you can hire remote workers to facilitate some tasks that can be fulfilled from any location such as:

  • Customer service like online chat support
  • Order fulfillment
  • Accounting or bookkeeping
  • Web management

Outsourcing Helps You Stay Focused

If you do your business alone, there is no way you can grow your e-commerce business in the same economies of scale like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. These companies focus on branding, shipping logistics, carriers, suppliers and packaging suppliers.

Under the same light, you need to concentrate your efforts on those things and let a group of specialists handle other aspects of your store or e-commerce business like e-commerce customer support.

The benefit you get is you can take advantage of what is called economies of expertise. Think about it carefully. If you outsource your business needs like online customer experience, web design, web management, order tracking, and subscriptions, you are leveraging the talent of experts who specialize on each kind of service required for your business to function.

And since these areas are no longer your problem, you will have the time to spend on expansion activities planning, meeting suppliers, and overseeing growth aspects of your e-commerce business.


Remember, outsourcing can help you in the following ways:

  • Cost reduction – the e-commerce industry is built for a single reason—it is online. As such, your last concern should be putting up facilities and hiring employees that will cost you a lot of money to set up.
  • Time – as a leader, your time is better-spent planning, delegating, and consolidating the jobs of different departments into a single and cohesive effort to make their actions focused towards your business goal.

To do this, you must outsource to leverage the time and skills of other people and have only a single POC of each outsourcing company you deal with.

The result of this is an organized and coherent business model where each person has a role to fulfill to make your e-commerce business success and a major player in the industry.

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