The rise of eCommerce has truly changed the way people do business, especially in the Philippines. Nowadays, the cost of building up a business has decreased because of what digitalization has caused us. For instance, entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about renting a space because they can easily set up their business online. Applications like Shopee, even Instagram and Facebook have been utilized by sellers and business people. With a few clicks and perseverance, you’ll be earning a profit.

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But as entrepreneurs deal with an increasing volume of clients, functions become more complex. They can no longer handle everything on their own. And that’s how outsourcing enters the picture.

Letting third-party service providers will let you focus on your core business functions. But it’s more than that. There are various ways in which eCommerce works and benefits outsourcing industry and vice versa.

1. Since eCommerce works online, it is important for businesses to develop a strong and reliable website. Some prefer a mobile application for some reason but websites are now more common. To reach a bigger audience, especially in the ‘online age’, websites are a must. Entrepreneurs need to outsource an experienced web developer to ensure an excellent customer or end-user experience. By this, customers can place their orders efficiently without worrying if their inquiry is received or not.

2. Businesses create jobs. As eCommerce provides employment to experts and professionals in outsourcing companies, they reap their skills for quality service and productivity. According to market research, global eCommerce sales could increase by approximately 21% in 2015.

3. Customer welfare. If businesses that have a brick and mortar store still opt to outsource their customer service representatives, what more for those who only have an online platform for their business.

Any business wants loyal customers, and in order for one to gain is to be there whenever they have product-related concerns. What if the customer received a wrong parcel? How does the refund system work? What if the product does that and this? These concerns are crucial. They need to be attended right away to mitigate the damage that is done and to show that the brand actually cares.

Businesses outsource their customer service representatives for efficiency, so they can focus on their core objectives. You don’t want to be interrupted in the middle of negotiation because a customer is complaining about a lost parcel, right? These small, almost every day, concerns should not steal your momentum on working on your strategies.

4. Data security. When dealing with clients online, you would need their personal data like their email address, home address, phone numbers, bank accounts, and payment details, and these are prone to stealing by cybercriminals. With issues of identity theft, you must always protect and respect the data privacy of your stakeholders. You would need IT experts to handle these kinds of functions.

5. Marketing. Sure, you are a business expert and obviously you know how the market works. But still it is not just marketing that occupies your mind, you have operations, finance, human resources and a lot more.

Outsourcing a marketing team that will focus solely on marketing technicals like digital strategy, Search Engine Optimization, analytics, etc. Did I mention design and branding? It’s too much if you’re alone.

It is a fact that you can not handle everything in your business, especially if it is starting to expand and grow. It is increasingly complex and you will need reliable manpower who will do the job for you effectively. It doesn’t have to be in-house, you can always opt to outsource for cost-efficiency and focus.

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