Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is the agency responsible for all gaming operations in the country. It is a government-owned and controlled corporation established in 1977. PAGCOR is the Philippines’ largest contributor of revenue to the government gathered from legalized gaming operations and game development. Like all other industries, gaming has evolved over the last 4 decades. The need for BPO services, even in gaming operations, has risen because of these improvements worldwide.   

PAGCOR saw and realized this need. It introduced the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) landscape in 2017, the country enjoyed more job opportunities, goods and property procurement because of the growing demand for professionals and office spaces. As of February 2019, there are 57 Approved Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators and 5 Accredited Gaming Laboratories of PAGCOR for Offshore Gaming Operations. These increased number since inception, only proves the country’s strength in game development, gaming software development, game developers, gaming support, game testing and gaming online support.

The gaming industry in the country normally has 3 categories:

  • First is for live streaming where there are dealers for online games who facilitate the game process.
  • Second is for chat, voice, verification and other customer-interactive support
  • Third is for back office business solution or all other business process outsourcing (BPO) support.

The country is now reaping the ripple effects of POGO’s economic impact. Among them is Andrew Tan’s Megaworld Corporation. The company is enjoying the outsourcing subsector’s boom. It is directly benefiting the property market demand, appointing it as one of the top office space lessors in the country. To date, the company has already leased 80,000 square meters to four POGO operators in the country that houses their back office, customer support operations, IT and technical support.

The food industry has also implied huge benefits from the IT-BPM industry’s success. Food stalls, restaurants, snack and ready to eat products now abound the metropolitan areas to meet the risen number of consumers. The number of these establishments had more than doubled over the last decade to serve the growing round-the-clock shifting teams of outsource companies and their families. This desirable development brought about by POGO is expected to continually move vertically in the succeeding years.

Philippine outsourced game support offers the necessary training, experience and infrastructure that ensure smooth operational flow in gaming. Outsourcers are freed from the burden of installing and maintaining the various peripheral machines, tables and all other fixtures needed by the business. Refurbishing is also included with upgrades shouldered by the outsourcing company.  

Moreover, technical workers and an engineering team is available 24/7. They monitor operations and configure ways to improve overall floor performance to grow the client’s revenues at a much reduced operating cost alongside proactive design efforts and trendy product innovation.

The expertise of BPOs in catering gaming solutions and the strategic balanced-shore offering along with PAGCOR’s support, daily gaming issues are quickly addressed and overcome. Government initiatives also give offshore operations in the country more allure due to tax incentives and a well-established IT-BPM sector. The Information Technology and Business Process Association in the Philippines (IBPAP) ensure quality-driven BPO services outsourcers may securely rely upon.

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