While many companies desire to have live phone support for their customers, there are situations when the best option is to have chat support. In fact, it is imperative that at the very least, a small or a medium-sized business must have it.

Here, we will be exploring the benefits of putting live chat support and why it is best suited for SMEs.

It is easy to set-up

There are dozens of live chat support tools that you can easily integrate with your systems. Many of these do not even require computer programming knowledge.

Today, most companies that offer a website for businesses also include a chat support tool.

All you need to do is to select this option and choose the frequency of the chat activity. Have someone to manage it and be behind the desk to answer inquiries without the need to set up new software, or the need to integrate your system with telecommunication infrastructure.   

It serves customers real-time

Many customers frown on email support. Waiting on the line for a phone support agent in a non-toll-free number is also a pain. An excellent alternative is to put up chat support where you can provide customer service in real-time.   

Questions that are relayed on chat are not complicated ones. In the customer experience industry, many customers have questions that do not require complex solutions. Most of these are issues about finding information that a customer can read. Some are merely questions about policies.

And when customers need information, they want it now. With simple inquiries like these, you do not really need a phone support system because live chat support will get the job done.

It serves more customers at the same time

Today, you can install robots that can perform chatbot services. These are machines that look for keywords in the context of the inquiry and provide the customer links to where they can find what they are looking for.    

Even if you do not have robots, a live agent can service at least two customers at the same time. Many companies in the contact center industry make it mandatory for their agents to maintain at least two queries within the same time.

This will not affect the service because agents are trained to manage their service handle time. The queries will also take customers to an appropriate queue where the agent who will handle the issue has the expertise to support the customer’s inquiry, no matter how complex it is.


Today, chat is a mandatory expectation. In a world where social experiences revolve around chat rooms, customers find it is easier to communicate this way.

Offering chat support is an integral part of any business. With a chatbot, you do not even need employees on stand-by 24/7.

Just set the appropriate expectation to the customer that live agents are only available during a specified period within the day, and yet the customer can still get help if he uses the chat feature option where an AI can help him navigate the site. For inquiries, write to bd@athl.com.hk.