For startups who aim to penetrate a larger market, building a website is a must. But how? It should be through WordPress and here are the reasons web designers and programmers are swearing on it.

First, we define what WordPress is. According to, “WordPress is a Content Management System, that allows you to create and publish your content on the web. Although it is mostly used for web publishing, it can be used to manage content on an intranet, or on a single computer.”

Why Use WordPress

WordPress allows users to have full control over the files, documents, as well as the design and display of the content. You don’t have to know a single line of code to publish content using WordPress. The beauty of a good content management system is to allow any user to create and manage their content without any technical know-how.”

Furthermore, CMS or Content Management System, is defined as “a software that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content. WordPress is a Content Management System, that allows you to create and publish your content on the web. Although it is mostly used for web publishing, it can be used to manage content on an intranet, or in a single computer.” (

1. It is Available and Accessible


“WordPress is an open source software. It is free in the sense of freedom, not in the sense of free beer. You may ask what is the difference between these two? Open Source software comes with freedom for you to use, modify, build upon, and redistribute the software in any way you like.” — WordPress.

And it’s accessible anytime and anywhere. Just Google it and a few clicks, you’ll have WordPress installed on your desktop. No fees, no subscriptions or lengthy process whatsoever.

2. It is Safe and Stable

One thing that startups should consider is its safety and stability. You don’t want your important information being stolen or corrupted by cybercriminals or glitches. WordPress offers security plugins that assure stability and ease of use. Also, other CMS requires payment for a security or added features, but WordPress has a lot of user-friendly features for free!

3. It helps with your Search Engine Optimization

You make all the effort to produce quality content to serve your readers and apparently, to be recognized by Google for optimization, but what is it all for if it is not being recognized? WordPress also makes an effort for your website’s race towards the top of the Google Rank. It is because you can use permalinks that consist of keywords, add RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, create categories, optimize images, pin new posts or articles, create tags and install Google Maps.

4. There is a Global Community Support

The volume of WordPress users, beginners or experts has grown since its foundation in 2003. It created a global community support where users can converse and share tips and tricks for everyone. This is ideal, especially for startups. If you encounter the same difficulties and ask for a solution, you can expect a response. It serves as a big support system, especially for those having a hard time.

5. It is Customizable

Imagine having over 30,000 unique and free plugins available for everyone to use. Talk about the range of options, they have it! No need to worry that your competitors might use the same plugin.

6. Big Brands Also Use It

Because WordPress is user-friendly, it is easy to conclude that it is for beginners and that only startups use it. No, established brands like Mashable, Nasa, Mozilla, Coca Cola, Wall Street Journal and such are also fans of WordPress. This is enough social proof for beginners out there.

WordPress’s market share is at  59%, according to the W3Tech survey. This makes it the largest CMS out there. This further strengthens the argument that WordPress is being widely used on the website. Thanks to its developers because it continuously improves and thus content management system has been easier to handle.