Maintaining, managing and housing a huge workforce eat out a large chunk of profit investors and capitalists prefer to minimize. Hefty capitalization on numerous computing hardware and software also limit their resources to explore and create new markets. Global outsourcing companies provide business solutions catered to resolve these obstacles.  Telecalling, telesales and a dedicated inside sales team not only settles the imminent operation concerns but aid companies in achieving business growth.

For enterprising businessmen, expanding into new territories used to be impossible or strenuously work-intensive. Going global with its limitless possibilities is now feasible with the right outsourcing company. They can extend their reach anywhere in the world, expand the business or go into new ventures.

Global outsourcing companies played a key role in the last 2 decades in making businesses go global. They have a roster of skilled and well-trained professionals who do sales and marketing using the latest in automation, cloud computing and marketing strategies designed to move the business farther.  

Doing business in the past decade has never been this easy. BPOs effectively strategize to settle market challenges or find solutions. They boost the sales of the Principal’s products and services with the use of specially designed marketing techniques.    

Professional telesales agents follow response-time policies. They see calls through from start to finish as well as do callbacks whenever necessary. Automated responses using AI technology can’t compete with a real phone call. Humans are still the ones who can truly validate a potential client.  Further, staff shortages will never be a problem. BPOs hold aggressive recruitment campaigns in search of talented professionals at no extra cost to clients.

Multi-industry startups had begun securing the services of BPOs as a cost-effective means of running their business with a fleet of ready and capable staff that focus on boosting sales for them. On top of that, outsourcing companies have a roster of potential customers at their disposal. These are clean data. Good leads are separated from bad ones.   Telesales protocols ensure that clients get the best value for the service they buy. Agents focus on people who will buy products rather than those who refuse them.

Telesales agents also follow up on clients who requested callbacks. Some good leads may not be available to take the agent’s first call. Others also set appointments with telesales agents who can market the client’s goods effectively.

BPO agents keep calm professional personas all throughout the numerous calls they make each day. They are focused 3in1 advertisers, marketers and salesmen who can navigate a conversation while utilizing the four E’s of communication:  


Telesales agents create brand recognition and product awareness. Their personalized approach adds to the client’s public recall thus strengthening his identity and position in the market.


A formulated sales pitch is in the script that leads to a targeted conversation with prospects. It encourages meaningful exchanges during the dialogue geared towards endorsing and selling the product.  


Telesales agents expertly use ice breakers and humor to establish good faith in the brand and its products.  They keep the talk wholesome to avoid boredom or disinterest in the client.


Telesales agents help prospects understand the product being marketed better, its use, guarantees and benefits.

The current transparency practiced by the Philippine BPO industry encourages more businesses to use outsourcing companies as their marketing arm. They rest assured that aside from having access to a competent sales team, they also gain the use of professional mid-level managers who ensure that the sales team does their job. Standard Office Protocols are set into motion in each cold call a telesales agent makes.  Supervisors are there to make sure that every call made is within quality standards.

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