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Collaboration is important to produce quality output. One way to have a successful collaboration is to have open communication among the members of the team. Communication may be challenged by being away with your team as this physical absence can affect the operation if not handled well. Fortunately, there are tools/programs/software made to effectively and closely work with your team. These are innovations for managing a remote team in the Philippines.

These tools we’ve used in the past helped our team produce quality output through open communication, coordination, and teamwork.

1. Zoom

For the video conferencing app, Zoom is considered as one of the best. Its functionality was proved by the rapid growth of its users in the professional arena. We all hate those instances where the screen freezes with no sound or a lagging appearance of our co-workers in a video conference.

2. Google Drive and Platforms

Google Drive is one of the most popular tools out there, especially for file management. It allows members of the team, wherever they are, to access the files whenever other colleagues are cannot be reached.

Also, platforms like Google Drive and Google Sheets are user-friendly for light and not so complex tasks. You are one link away to work on the same project in real-time.

3. Slack

This is a team communication app that is most widely used by remote teams. Companies like Zapier, Buffer and help Scout even consider Slack as their virtual office. Through Slack, remote workers can immediately give feedback and inputs on a specific project. One special feature of this is that the team will be notified if there’s a new email subscriber or a product review.

4. 10,000 ft.

Imagine being 10,000 ft. above and having a view of the bigger picture below. (Oops, that’s a terrible comparison.) Seriously though, it allows everyone to look at the bigger picture while working on your own and being on the same page. It shows everyone who’s working on a specific project and gives you detailed analytics on the profitability of workers and projects. How does it sound, eh?

5. Trello

We all love working with simple yet functional software. With Trello, it is its unique selling point as it will not require a lot of information and just gets the job done. This is a project management software that is fast-paced and flexible for the team to be more productive. Bonus, Trello is more ‘visual’ than other software that is why it is easier to use.

6. 1 Password

It is no secret that a remote team uses a lot of applications, software, and programs to get the job done. This also means that they have to keep passwords for each account for every platform. This is a pain in the behind. But through 1 Password, you don’t need to keep a list passwords as this tool saves all the passwords for every account. In one click you will be able to log in on your collaborative tools.

If there’s one effective way of managing a remote team in the Philippines, it would be treating them like how you treat your workers who are present in your office. They are not robots, as there is a human being behind that monitor working. They are also capable of friendships and they can feel exhaustion and as well. So, be mindful of that. Did you know that Akron Global is a remote staff company in the Philippines? Yes, we can definitely help you establish your offshore/ remote team here in the Philippines. Want to know more? Write to us at