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Got a lot of things to say about remote staffing or remote working in general? Sure, you already have a picture in your head when you hear the phrase remote working/staffing. Whatever ideas that made you paint a vivid picture in your head is surely filled with myths and prejudice, especially if you haven’t experienced being remote staff.

Myth #1: Productivity is Decreased

Since remote working is not ‘seen’ by a supervisor, there are tendencies that the remote staff will do nothing. That may be true for some, but the general truth is that remote workers opt to work remotely because they feel that they could do more.

Also, working remotely will give you additional time that office workers spent regularly, for instance, preparation for and travel time to the office. There will be fewer office distractions and if you’re fond of silence and solitude, you can focus more on the work proper.

Myth #2: Lack of Communication

Yes, remote staff may be physically distant, but that doesn’t mean it will be a major hindrance in the communication among the workers both in remote and in office.

Skype is now a thing along with hundreds of messaging applications that will let anyone communicate in real-time. There is no reason for workers, whether or not working remotely, to not communicate with their colleagues and bosses. According to a survey conducted by TINYpulse regarding the satisfaction and communication of remote workers, 52% reported having contact with their manager at least once daily.

Myth #3: They are Lonely

Fair to have this judgment as you picture a remote worker as someone who works alone and lacks human contact. The thing is, being alone does not mean feeling lonely. There are just people who can work and be more productive in the presence of solitude.

They may be sitting in a dark corner with their earphones on to shut themselves to the world but it is their choice and it is not their choice to be lonely. That’s just the way things are.

Also, didn’t we mention that the workforce of today has a high priority to work from home?

Myth #4: Corporate Culture is gone

Every company has its own culture and ways on how they deal with stuff. It would be evident whenever you’re in the office observing the people or the workers.

It depends on the remote worker/staff on how they deal and interact with their co-workers. There is always a platform to adapt and embody a certain culture. With proper communication, the distance will never be a reason.

Myth #5: There is No Collaboration

Again, because of the Internet, you can work with your teammates just how you work with a picture of workers sitting around a table brainstorming. It is through cloud-based collaborative tools and applications like Zoom and Skype where you can meet and see each other’s faces and exchange ideas.

Yes, it is possible and thus collaboration exists.

Myth #6: Remote Staffing/Working is only for StartUps

Sure, starting businesses may still find it difficult to afford a cost of office rental or seat lease that’s why they opt to work from their home. But did you know that big companies also permit remote working?

Big companies like Dell, AT & T, Wells Fargo are committed to giving flexibility to its employees? It is because they believe that it retains employees.

Summing it all up, technology and the Internet made remote staffing/working possible and efficient. It’s true, people often give preconceived notions and judgment to a condition they have little knowledge or experience. You’ll never know until you try it yourself. After all, remote staffing or working or working remotely, or whatever you call it, is not that bad.

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