If you are in the business of marketing, and if you are looking forward to setting up your creative, it is best that you know how each role is defined. This way, you know the appropriate term to use if you want to hire one.

Here, we will discuss the different roles of people should you decide to hire or choose your graphic design outsourcing team.

Art Director the art director, is responsible for the overall movement of the project. As the director, he is the one that convenes the team, manages the activities, the budget, and the timelines. This is the person you talk to about your plans, and also to check on the progress of the group.

  • Graphic Designer or Designer – this person is also called the art designer. His job is to produce visual content, usually using software like Photoshop. He is also the person in charge of turning the idea into something tangible, even if it is a video. So if you want a video or photo of a burning piece of paper, the graphic designer will design it on the software.  
  • Content Writercontent writers are the ones responsible for the written words in your marketing campaign. What they do is to research, and then write copy that your audiences read. The writing format can be in various formats, like sales copy, blog type, informational, or academic research.  
  • Video Editor – this person is responsible for cutting the videos and putting the sound in it. If you have seen advertisements that have narrations, the video editor did that. What he has to do is to make the story come to life by timing the entry and exit of different shots.
  • Social Media Marketer – this is the person you need to plan social media marketing activities for your advertisement or business. He is responsible for doing the market research, and then conduct A/B testing for your different ads.

This person is in charge of validating what social media channel is best used for your campaign, what demographics, and he will also create an analysis of the results of the campaign. This role is critical because the ultimate goal of ads is to get eyeballs.


If you build your own creative team, you need all these people. And this poses a challenge because these talents to do not come cheap. Your alternative is to hire a creative process outsourcing team. These groups will complete a project for you only when you need them.

Apart from getting graphic design services, you can take advantage of these people in the list because an outsourced team has a complete roster. They have an art director, freelance graphic design specialists, content writers, social media specialists, and so much more.

You do not have to pay rent for an office, much less pay electricity, computers, salary, and utilities. If you use the services of an outsourced group, you only pay per project, and then move on to other things if you no longer need their services.   


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