Offshore outsourcing has been proven, in itself, a major arm in the field of trade and commerce. Fortune 500 companies sought the Philippines’ call center industry because of various factors. Filipinos are not only equipped with the English language, but the culture molded the people to have flexible chameleon-like personalities that can easily adapt to new environment, absorb new information and ideas quite rapidly as compared to other cultures. This attracted foreign investors in setting up call center companies in the Philippines. The cheap labor and operating cost are also much-desired advantages.

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Typically, the seven major goals of outsourcing are:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Minimization
  • Focus on its core services
  • Access to a team with a wide range of sales and marketing expertise
  • Leverage of a much wider network
  • Reliable data mining tool
  • Guideline in developing a sound marketing plan and sales forecast.

The Philippines is an ideal location for investors to set up their operations mainly because of cheap labor cost. Labor cost in the country is five times cheaper when compared with that of industrialized countries and it’s progressive Asian neighbors like Singapore and Japan.  Moreover, Filipinos are hard-working. Having them in your employ ensures a smooth flow of business. They won’t leave you hanging. There will be no shortage of talented and skilled workers here at a fifth of the cost.

Economists, credit and business analysts like Fitch Ratings, Standard & Poor’s, and the Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd. (JCRA) labeled the country with an investment grade rating. The economic and political situation is stable. Therefore, offers a reduced risk of investment and guarantee a high return (ROI).

An outsourcing service provider will also propose and quote a contract which is lower than the customer’s current operating margin which already earns him a profit. Sound business sense dictates that any saving on cost is generated income.

Further, the customer will be able to strategize and execute at a senior sales and marketing level. This is a huge benefit because specific dedicated resources to each area would no longer be needed. A team that works with sales, marketing and customer care can take a flexible approach. The right people are utilized when needed.

Outsourcing service vendors have a sizeable network. They have warm leads at your disposal which can help speed up the sales process. This network is not limited to just the target market but the customer also gains access to other needed support service specialists such as government procedures specialists, angel investing advisors, accounting professionals, and partnership opportunities with other firms.

Having an outsourcing service partner in the Philippines gives you leverage. You are ensured of having knowledge on the best practices from different sectors. This is an added competitive advantage. The benefits are truly too extensive to quantify but they are very valuable in extensively increasing your profit margin and productivity.

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