Call centers steadily invest on training each call center agent to keep them at par with industry trends and standards. Outsourcing companies provide not only call center services but also contact service as well. A seasoned telemarketing veteran knows well enough what to do to avoid hang-ups. He resorts to other resources available to him like email or post to reach his lead. Successful outsourcing companies do not take hang-ups lightly. It is the loss of potential revenue.  Telecalling is not the only resource that outsourcing companies utilize to deliver their services for telemarketing, appointment setting or telesales to market products. Talents also execute special skills to do tasks.
Telemarketing CallsStatistically, average telemarketers only close 10% of his leads. A performance score lower than that needs careful evaluation or re-training. Companies with low performance ratios determined that there were oversights on that regard. They not only lose sales but also talented agent whom they have already invested in training.

For telemarketers, telesales agents and appointment setters, here are some pointers to remember to ensure higher telecalling success rate:  


The tone of someone’s voice reveals a lot. Study shows that the first 7 seconds determine the outcome of a cold call. It gives you a head start in finding out the right approach to use on that person at the other end of the line. By closely listening, you get signals about the person’s mood and a glimpse of his personality or background.


Do you know that rudeness and kindness are contagious? One rude person can stir up an entire room. In contrast, politeness can extinguish conflict. Adjust yourself to accommodate the client. Stay polite throughout the call. Remember, be the cool gush of wind that blows the flame off.  


Not everyone can be as beautiful or handsome as movie stars and land a $4M movie contract but everyone can ACT. Top notch telemarketers are among the best performers in the business industry. They can personify award-winning personas in every call. They just don’t go through the regular pitch; they act it out while using the client’s queues to do impromptu performances that might lead to a sale.  


As children, most of us were taught to place ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Never take bad behavior personally, everyone gets bad days.   Let the client vent, lend him your ears and earn his confidence. It’s a card you can use in accomplishing your goal.


Remember how some people rub themselves on you? Well, rub some good vibes on your leads and work magic. Energize the customer on the other line. Encourage and answer questions. Remember, curiosity killed the cat. In business, it makes a sale.


Express yourself like you do with your friends, only professionally. You are on the driver’s seat, take the client to where you will get great results.


No matter where the conversation is leading, a lead is still a potential sale so keep that fighting spirit up.  Open your mind to that possibility. Prospect and suggest possible ways on how your product will enrich your client’s life. Positivity rubs on people. You are not selling just the company’s product but yourself too as an effective salesman.



Words are meant to be said clearly to get your point across and be understood. Never murmur nor mutter. Get yourself heard, let your client understand what you are delivering with your words and make your next sale.


Make sure to give a call back when you promised to do so. This is a potential sale and keeping a promise reflects highly on your credibility and the credibility of the company you represent. Remember, trust is the backbone of all business ventures. It gives a clear picture of what your company and you are all about.


Sometimes an objection really means no. Don’t get all worked up about it or you might rub some negative vibe on your next lead. Remember how you missed the train and took the next one? It’s similar to that so shake it off and move along.

Remember, everyone, from business tycoons to ordinary Harrys on the street have moods, “buttons and bad days.” Navigate your calls wisely. With that in mind, along with a well-delivered script, hang-ups for cold calls will be cut down immensely.

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