Outsourcing graphic designs and creative projects from ad agencies had been the trend for decades, a marketing solution used intensively by all business sectors whether they are into goods or services. Retaining an in-house artist can be difficult. Artists are most productive outside the confines of prying eyes inside four-walled offices. They work best in solitude. Art is freedom of expression and artists need the freedom to bring out their creativity.

Quality art and impactful graphic design will always be in high demand. They communicate across the limitations of dialogue, class, status and culture. It arouses splanchnic reactions that words alone cannot. It is the reflection of mankind’s collective psyche. It defines humanity, shapes society, creates wants and suggests concepts or ideas that mold intellect. Art impacts our awareness, emotions and moods. Reflectively, we surrounded by art all throughout our lives. Art in all its forms play a major part of our existence.

Commerce had taken advantage of its full extent from product packaging to positioning it in the marketplace. To outsource creative services is finding the right team who will execute creative solutions that would help market your product.  Proponents like a freelance graphic designer or graphic design outsourcing must be readily accessible for long term business continuity.

Here are 10 reasons why outsourcing your graphic design projects is a good idea:


Art evolves with the rise of new products and technologies that flood the market. New and unusual ideas are introduced through art and design. They are essential in marketing products and services. Philippine BPOs continually search for talented artists to add to their pool of talents to keep their concepts always fresh.

High Quality

This is never compromised whether the demand is contemporary or classic. A contingent team of skilled graphic designers work with you to meet your vison and deliver the design that meets your standards.

Market Appeal

Multi-industry experience; knowledge and technology upgrades; continuous skills trainings and market trend analysis ensures market appeal will be optimized. Brand recognition is secured, and product marketability obtained.


Services of contingent workers on demand allow you to set a budget with specific deadlines for seasonal needs. Whether it’s a new product launch, occasional sales or marketing initiatives; your graphics will be taken care of.


You will only shell out a fraction of the cost to acquire the services of brilliant graphic designers on a temporary basis as opposed to fixed salary and benefits of one who is retained in-house.


You will not be confined to specific concepts but will be exposed to the most embraced contemporary designs that will yield high consumer reactions placing your product in the best position possible.


Deadlines and expectations are met. Going back to the drawing board is kept to a minimum as a team of talented artist work side by side to bring out the best execution of the vision you want actualized however new or complex it may be.


You have control during the production process. You can rest-assured that all parameters are accounted for to ensure timely delivery and visceral market impact.

Reputation Protection

Rudimentary methods are set in motion in each project. Plagiarism, copyright infringement or bad graphics will be immaterial amongst your list of priorities. You are covered.

Risk Reduction

Outsourcing lowers the risk of proprietary theft. Precautionary risk management strategies are set in place to protect you and your interest at all times.

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